MRX1 multizone wireless controller


Established in 1966, Consort Claudgen is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of electric heating products. We are UK-owned and have for many years enjoyed a reputation for producing safe and stylish products that are recognised for their technical excellence and for the real benefits offered to the Specifier, Installer and End user.


Our dedicated team of professionals are on hand to give technical guidance and offer free advice on heating schemes.


Our modern production facility in Milford Haven is ISO9001 accredited. We produce high quality, innovative products which conform to the latest European safety standards and carry the CE mark.


All our products carry a one year warranty. They are backed by our nationwide customer care service that offers a full spares service and field support.


PLE Panel Heater with Electronic 7-Day Timer

PLE electronic timer panel heater offering up to 3 heating periods per day, 7 days a week. Features a digital control panel with easy-to-read display. Designed with 4 large control buttons with audible and tactile feedback.

PLE panel heater with electronic timer

RXLC Landlord Heating Control System

Ideal heating system for anywhere where a central control unit is required to control temperatures of all heaters in a building or rooms. It consists of an MRXLC controller and one or more CRXLC controllers connected to Consort’s RX heaters.

RXREC Receiver Unit

The RXREC is a receiver unit that enables certain heaters controlled by a remote switch to be wirelessly controlled by a CRX2 controller. WIth RXREC installed, a CRX2 controller replaces the existing remote switch, expanding the heating control options to include temperature and time control.

MRX1 Multizone Wireless Controller

The MRX1 Multizone wireless controller can easily handle up to 8 heating zones via existing CRX2 controllers which operate multiple Consort RX heaters in the same room or zone. A 7-day programme featuring 6 time periods a day can be set separately for each zone or duplicated across other areas if required.

CRX2 Wireless Controller

Compatible with all RX heaters, the CRX2 wireless controller is mains or battery powered, has large easy-to-read backlit LCD display and simple to connect and operate. It offers up to 6 temperature settings a day, 7 days a week.

Image of CRX2 wireless controller for your electric heating solution


Our dedicated Technical team will provide invaluable technical support and advice with your electric heating and air purification requirements. The team will carry out heat loss and recommend heaters most suitable for your project needs. To take advantage of our free advisory service with installation design, download and complete a heating scheme form. Return via fax: +44 (0)1646 695195 or email: Please submit drawings, if possible, to further illustrate your project requirement.