Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Consort Claudgen products?

In the UK, all our electric heating products are available within a few days from your local electrical wholesaler. Search online for your nearest wholesaler. Alternatively, look in the Yellow Pages under the heading ‘Electrical Supplies’.

How long is the warranty?

All products have a one year warranty which is backed by our nationwide customer care service, offering full spares and field support.

Where can I get your latest catalogue and trade price list?

To request our latest Heat brochure, please email us at sales@consortepl.com or telephone +44 (0)1646 692172. You can also view or download a copy of our brochure and trade price list from the Downloads page.

Can I get advice on heating schemes?

Our dedicated Technical team are able to provide you invaluable technical support and advice with your electric heating or air purification requirements. You may wish to download and complete our heating scheme form. Please return via fax: +44 (0)1646 695195 or email: technical@consortepl.com. Additionally, please submit drawings, if possible, to further illustrate your project requirement.

I have an export/international enquiry. Who do I look for?

Please direct all export enquiries to ourselves at Consort Claudgen. The contact page provides you with all our details.

Can Consort Claudgen heaters use any control systems?

Controllability is a very important factor in electric heating for both comfort and economy. The Consort Claudgen range of Panel, Convector and Fan Heaters are available with built-in highly responsive thermostats and variable heat control.

All Consort Claudgen heaters can be controlled using conventional Air Thermostats (not quartz heaters), Black Bulb Sensors and Time Switches, linked if necessary to suitable contactors. Area control by presence detection can be achieved using our PIR1 controller. This also gives thermostatic control for comfort and set back temperatures, which can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. Our Softstart control provides trouble-free control of up to 6kW of Quartz heaters. This removes the surge current normally associated with Quartz heaters and negates the need for higher rated cable and switchgear.