Plinth Heaters: PHSL – Wireless Control


PHSL Plinth Heaters

Provides instant heat where space is at a premium and discreet yet effective heating is required. Cleverly concealed in the ‘kick space’ beneath counters, displays and kitchen units, stairwells and fitted furniture, these heaters are suitable for both commercial and domestic environments. They require a minimum kick space height of only 100mm thereby offering increased installation options.

  • 2kW or 3kW rating
  • Wireless controlled by separately purchased SL or CRXSL controller
  • One SL or CRXSL controller can operate multiple SL heaters
  • Choice of controllers:
    * SLPB: Run-back timer and thermostat
    * SLVT: Run-back timer and adjustable thermostat
    * SLVTB: Battery-powered run-back timer and adjustable thermostat
    * CRXSL: Programmable 7-day timer and thermostat
  • Four different finishes (Black, Brown, Stainless Steel and White)
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Fan only setting for air circulation in warm weather
  • Minimum kick space height of only 100mm
  • Automatic safety cut-out
  • LED indicator light
  • Fitted with 2.2m of supply cable

Dimensions & Specifications

 Rating (kW) Finish dBA Model No.
2 Black 40 PHSL2BL
2 Brown 40 PHSL2B
2 Stainless Steel 40 PHSL2S
2 White 40 PHSL2W
3 Black 40 PHSL3BL
3 Brown 40 PHSL3B
3 Stainless Steel 40 PHSL3S
3 White 40 PHSL3W




 Ratings (kW) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
2kW 100 180 500 2.2
3kW 100 180 600 2.5