Controllers: SLREC Receiver Unit

SLREC Receiver Unit – Wireless Control Conversion

Consort Claudgen’s SLREC is a receiver unit that enables certain heaters to be wirelessly controlled by an SL or CRXSL controller*. With SLREC installed, an SL or CRXSL controller expands the heating control options to include temperature and time control.

  • Can control a load up to 3kW
  • Maximum switching current 13A/250V
  • Can be retrofitted to existing compatible heaters
  • Each heater must be connected to an SLREC for it to be controlled by an SL or CRXSL controller
  • Multiple heaters can be controlled by an SL or CRXSL controller
  • Choice of controllers:
    SLPB: Run-back timer and thermostat
    SLVT: Run-back timer and adjustable thermostat
    SLVTB: Battery-powered run-back timer and adjustable thermostat
    CRXSL: Programmable 7-day timer and thermostat

* Requires a separately purchased SL or CRXSL controller.

Dimensions & Specifications


Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm)
82 57 80