Commercial Fan Heaters: Small – Wireless Control

Small Commercial Fan Heaters with Intelligent Fan Control

Our small commercial fan heaters provide a “heat throw” of 7m at maximum fan speed. The intelligent fan control optimises fan speed and heat output to quickly achieve and control a comfort temperature whilst maintaining a very low noise level. Provides comfort heating while working in garages, workshops and warehouses. A great solution for commercial applications!

  • 6kW rating
  • Single or 3 phase supply models
  • Sensor to detect the room temperature and heat output
  • Intelligent Fan Control feature:-
    The fan speed of the heater automatically adjusts relative to the room’s current temperature in order to achieve warm airflow temperature. This eliminates the heater from blowing cold air when initially powered on in a cold room.
  • Incorporates EC motor for improved energy efficiency
  • Wireless controlled by a separately purchased CRXSL controller
  • One CRXSL controller can operate multiple RX heaters
  • Time/Manual mode in CRXSL controller:
    – Allows fan and heat settings to be adjusted manually
    – Allows set time schedule for fan and heat settings
  • CRXSL controller is compatible with separately purchased MRX1 Multizone controller for ‘zoning’ of the heating system
  • Instant directional warmth
  • 2 automatic fan speeds, 2 heat settings
  • Fan only setting for air circulation
  • Wall mounted with multi-directional brackets supplied (180° horizontal, 45° vertical)
  • Maximum heat throw – 7 metres
  • Finished in white/grey

Dimensions & Specifications

Rating (kW) Optimum Mounting
Height (m)
Weight (kg) Max dBA Model No.
6 2.5 – 3 11.5 52 CH06CSiRX
6 2.5 – 3 11.5 52 CH06CPiRX
Rating (kW) Single Phase Single or 3 Phase Model No.
6 *   CH06CSiRX
6   * CH06CPiRX
Rating (kW) Automatic Fan Speeds Heat Settings Max Heat Throw Model No.
6 2 2 7 CH06CSiRX
6 2 2 7 CH06CPiRX


  Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm)
6kW 272 338 332