Controllers: VAR1 Infra Red Heater Control

Regulator for Infra Red Heater Control

The VAR1 is a manual controller for adjusting the heat output from a 240V infra-red heater.  Ideal for pub gardens, churches, garages, restaurants, warehouses, entrance halls, sheds and storage areas.  The compact unit is easy to install by a qualified electrician. By reducing the power required, energy is saved, making the unit environmentally friendly and affordable from savings in electricity costs.

  • Suitable for up to 3kW infra-red heater at 220-240V supply
  • Integral ON/OFF switch
  • Fully adjustable power setting
  • High reliability snubberless triac used
  • Integral RFI filter for CE EMC requirement
  • Low cost and compact
  • Easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly

Dimensions & Specifications


Model No Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm) Weight (g)
VAR1 86 68 146 482g