RX Wireless Control Heating System

RX Wireless Control Heating System

Home and commercial building owners or operators have the option of using an MRXLC landlord controller, MRX1 multizone controller or CRXSL single-zone controller to control one or more connected RX heaters depending on their heating requirements.

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A quick feature guide on our RX heating systems

RX Multizone Heating System

The multizone heating system offers ‘zoning’ of your electric heating system. It consists of a central controller, MRX1, which controls up to 8 heating zones via CRXSL controllers connected to one or more RX heaters in the same room or zone.

  • Central control with MRX1

    The MRX1 controller can control up to 8 heating zones using the existing CRXSL controllers.

  • Can be retrofitted to RX systems

    Existing CRXSL controllers are compatible with MRX1 controllers.

  • Individual or group zone programming

    A 7-day programme featuring 6 time periods a day can be set separately for each zone or duplicated across other zones, if required, saving time. Temperature adjustments for all zones can also be done simultaneously.

  • Great energy and cost saving

    With extensive heat control options and energy saving features, the MRX1 controller provides great energy and cost saving making it ideal for home or commercial property owners.

MRX1 illustration

The CRXSL controller works with all RX heaters and can operate different products at the same time, allowing total heating systems to be effectively controlled: for example, in an apartment, plinth heaters and panel heaters could use the same controller.

RXLC Landlord Control Heating System

The RXLC landlord control heating system consists of an MRXLC controller and one or more CRXLC controllers connected to RX heaters. The MRXLC can control any number of CRXLC controllers depending on the building construction.

  • Simplicity

    The MRXLC is simple to set up and easy to programme.

  • Total control

    The MRXLC sets the same 7-day programme and time for all CRXLC controllers.

  • Flexibility

    Room occupants can temporarily adjust the room temperature via the CRXLC for a predetermined length of time before the CRXLC reverts to the programmed temperature.

  • Savings

    Provides landlords with greater control over their heating system and costs through MRXLC energy saving features.

RXLC illustration

Ideal for student accommodations, hotels, B&Bs, hostels or anywhere where a central control unit is required to control the temperature of all heaters in a building or rooms.