Electronic 7-Day Timer Heaters with RF receiver

Electronic 7-Day Timer Heaters with RF Receiver

A new range of electronic 7-day timer heaters with an RF receiver is now available offering ‘zoning’ of your heating system.

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Electronic 7-day timer heaters with RF receiver

Multizoning your electronic 7-day timer heating system is now possible with our new custom-built heaters with an RF receiver. Each heater can be connected to an MRX1 multizone controller that allows you to change the zone programme individually or as a group.

Each heater has the same features and functions as our Electronic 7-day timer heaters. The range includes:

  • PLE-RF panel heaters
  • LSTE-RF panel heaters
  • CN2MLSTiERF fan heater
  • PLSTiE-RF Slimline fan heaters
  • WMH3ERF Chelsea 3kW wall mounted fan heater
  • HE6137ERF Flowzone 3kW wall mounted fan heater

These heaters are made to order.

Features and functions

  • Programmable 7-day timer and thermostat

    Offers a programmable 7-day timer with 6 heating periods per day. Each heating period can be set with different temperature setting.

  • Open window detection feature

    Once enabled in the setup menu, the open window detection is fully automatic and does not require any human intervention to be activated.

  • Copy day function

    A copy day function can be used to duplicate the same set of programmes throughout the week.

  • Electronic lock

    The digital control panel is designed with an electronic lock to prevent tampering with controls.

  • 4 operating modes

    Programme, Boost, Setback and Manual modes.