Electronic 7-Day Timer Heaters

Electronic 7-Day Timer Heaters

Ensuring you don’t waste energy on heating the outside, the electronic 7-day timer is equipped with optional open/closed window detection feature.

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A popular choice for those who demand stylish and energy efficient heaters with a programmable 7-day timer and thermostat. This range is suitable for many applications such as hotels, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and conservatories. It includes low surface temperature heaters which are designed to suit environments with vulnerable people such as children and elderly residents; therefore ideal for schools, nurseries, retirement homes, hospitals and anywhere where safety is paramount.

A quick feature guide on our smart timers

Our electronic 7-day timer heaters offer an extensive range of features to take your heating to the next level. These heaters have been upgraded to incorporate 6 heating periods per day, 7 days a week and have an optional open/close window detection feature which reacts intelligently to a sudden temperature change in the area or room. When a window or door is opened, the heater recognises the sudden temperature drop and turns the heating off to save energy. When the window or door is closed, the heater automatically detects a temperature rise and switches itself on and resumes normal operation. A copy day function has been incorporated to duplicate the same set of programmes throughout the week.

The digital control panel has an easy-to-read display and four large control buttons with audible and tactile feedback. It is also easy to operate and can set comfort and setback temperatures which helps reduces the overall energy consumption.

  • Programmable 7-day timer and thermostat

    Offers a programmable 7-day timer with 6 heating periods per day. Each heating period can be set with different temperature setting.

  • Open window detection feature

    Once enabled in the setup menu, the open window detection is fully automatic and does not require any human intervention to be activated.

  • Copy day function

    A copy day function can be used to duplicate the same set of programmes throughout the week.

  • Electronic lock

    The digital control panel is designed with an electronic lock to prevent tampering with controls.

  • 4 operating modes

    Programme, Boost, Setback and Manual modes.