Radiant Heaters: Twinzone – Wireless Control


The Twinzone radiant heaters are designed for high level use to deliver warmth economically. They are equally used at home, in commercial or industrial applications. The reversible element support system is unique, making Twinzone the only radiant heater that can provide a narrow beam of heat (useful for heating a few people within a large area), or a wide beam of evenly distributed warmth by simple adjustment of the element at time of installation. They can be wall mounted or suspended from a ceiling or trunking.

  • 1.5kW or 3kW rating
  • Compatible with advanced single zone controllers* and run-back time controllers**
  • One controller can operate multiple SL heaters
  • Simple heat beam width adjustment
  • Versatile installation options, adjustable wall brackets supplied
  • Supplied with 1m of high temperature cable
  • Optional guard (HE6350 or HE6352)
  • Aluminium finish

* Advanced single zone controllers: CRXSL, SLTI and LC wireless controllers
** Run-back time control and thermostat: SLPB, SLVT, SLVTB, SLPIR and SLPBWP wireless controllers

All wireless controllers are to be purchased separately.

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions (mm) & Weight (kg):

Model No. Height Depth Width Weight
HE6351SL 57 162 660 1.0
HE6343SL 57 162 1170 1.8

Note: 300mm clearance from ceiling required.

  Mounting Height
Horizontally Suspended
Mounting Height
Wall Mounted Angled
Model No.
1.5kW 2.5 3.6 2.3 3.6 HE6351SL
3kW 3.0 4.8 2.3 4.6 HE6343SL
1.5kW Guard HE6352
3kW Guard HE6350