The Chelsea and Flowzone fan heaters are the latest addition to our Electronic 7-day timer range

The WMH3E Chelsea and HE6137E Flowzone fan heaters are the latest addition to Consort Claudgen’s Electronic 7-day Timer range. Both heaters have a digital control panel with easy-to-read display and four large control buttons with audible and tactile feedback. They are robust to suit demanding environments and are quiet in operation. These heaters offer 6 heating periods per day, 7 days a week and have an optional open/close window detection feature which reacts intelligently to a sudden temperature change in the area or room. They are also easy to operate and can set comfort and setback temperatures which helps reduces the overall energy consumption.

The Electronic 7-day Timer range also includes low surface temperature heaters which are designed to suit environments with vulnerable people such as children and elderly residents.

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