Consort Claudgen introduces RXREC wireless control conversion unit

Consort Claudgen have introduced the RXREC receiver unit that enables commercial fan heaters and large air curtains to be wirelessly controlled by a separately purchased CRX2 controller. With an RXREC installed, the CRX2 controller replaces the existing remote switch, expanding the heating control options to include 7-day time control with up to 6 temperature settings per day. Additionally, the Time/Manual mode in a CRX2 controller takes advantage of the RXREC long range performance to allow heaters to be controlled from a different room. The RXREC can be retrofitted to existing compatible Claudgen products. Multiple heaters can be controlled by a CRX2 provided each heater is connected to an RXREC.

RXREC illustration

For more details, email or telephone 01646 692172.