Convector Heaters: CSL2SC – Wireless Control


The CSL2SC convector heater is designed to reduce the temperature rise above the heater allowing it to be installed beneath cable trunking.

  • 2kW rating
  • Compatible with advanced single zone controllers* and run-back time controllers**
  • One controller can operate multiple SL heaters
  • Virtually noiseless operation
  • Can be mounted 300mm or more below cable trunking
  • Full length wall bracket for ease of installation
  • Automatic safety cut-out
  • LED indicator light
  • Finished in white

* Advanced single zone controllers: CRXSL, SLTI and LC wireless controllers
** Run-back time control and thermostat: SLPB, SLVT, SLVTB, SLPIR and SLPBWP wireless controllers

All wireless controllers are to be purchased separately.

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions (mm) & Weight (kg):

 Model No. kW Height Depth Width Weight
CSL2SC 2 360 130 590 3.9