Our electric coiled heating elements can be supplied to suit a variety of applications.

The elements can be manufactured to differing lengths, dependent on your requirements.

Assemblies can also be supplied with a variety of heat outputs, choice of tappings and various thermal overload cut-outs rated at 15 Amps.

Our standard thermal overload cut-out operates at 80°C ± 5°C. Other temperatures can be specified where required.

Elements can also be supplied to suit a variety of voltages.

Please contact Consort – our engineers will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

1400 Series Elements

1400This element assembly is ideal for convection type applications, being of very robust construction.

The spiral-wound nickel-chrome coils are self-supported via mica formers, eliminating any tendency of sagging.

Elements can be terminated at either end, to suit your requirements.

1500 Series Elements

1500These heater elements are designed to be fan assisted, and are ideally suited to our range of crossflow fans.

The spiral wound nickel-chrome coils are self-supported via ceramic insulators between zinc plated steel top and bottom plates.

1600 Series Elements

1600We can source and fit a range of stitched elements to suit your application.