layoutThe fans are constructed from zinc coated steel and are fastened together to give a robust frame. Impellers are manufactured from either steel or aluminium and can be dynamically balanced to optimise performance. The drive and bearing housing components can be made from special materials for specific applications, including extended temperature ranges.

To help us specify the correct fan for you we also have an airflow testing facility which conforms to BS848 and a quiet room with noise measurement facilities.

Painted impellers and frames are available upon request. Resilient mounting of motors is also available as an option. Impeller position is variable, as shown below. Positions L, R, & C are referred to in Product Data Tables.

Motors & Motor Mounting

motorOur fans primarily use Shaded Pole motors, conforming to BS 5000 PT II. Various classes of insulation are available up to class ‘H’ in accordance with BS 2757 (IEC 085). The motor terminations can be by leads or 6.3 mm tags to BS5057 (IEC 760). Silicone leads may be specified for high temperature applications. Motors can be provided with up to three speeds and various stack widths.

Various bearing configurations may be supplied, including sealed long-life ball race types, which can be used in harsh environment applications. Motors, which are not impedance protected, can be thermally protected either by a ‘one-shot’ fuse or a cycling thermal cut-out. Varnish dipping is available to give additional moisture protection.

Voltages and frequencies to suit most countries in the world can be supplied. DC motors, including brushless, can also be specified. Motor mounting and angle is variable, as shown.


Edge clips can be provided for No 6 or No 8 screws or, alternatively, the standard European fixing matrix in the base plate may be supplied as detailed on 60mm Euro Fan page. Installation attitude should be in the Horizontal Plane, although an end thrust bearing can be fitted if vertical mounting is required.

Various types of mounting chassis can be specified for given applications. Rubber foam strips are available for cushioned mounting.

Other Facilities

Consort has an extensive CNC sheet metal fabrication facility. This can be utilised to produce enclosures to your own specification. In particular, Consort produce a heater box assembly which is fully wired for OEM’s to fit into their own products. These are particularly suitable for electric feature fires.

We can also offer customers help and advice regarding the approval of new electrical heating products. Additional wiring looms can be supplied separately or incorporated within the fan to aid installation.


All Consort component products conform to the latest European standards for safety and EMC.

A Certificate of Incorporation and/or a Product Safety Information Sheet can be supplied on request.

Guide to Design & Installation

Consort’s engineers will be pleased to assist you in your product design. The placement of the fan within your application is critical. If the fan is starved of air this may lead to a significant breakdown in fan performance.