Controllers: CRXSL Wireless Controller

The CRXSL wireless controller can control any of our RX or SL heaters. It has a large easy-to-read backlit LCD display and offers up to six temperature settings a day, seven days a week.

It includes an optional open/close window detection feature which reacts intelligently to temperature changes in the area or room. Once enabled in the setup menu, the feature is fully automatic and doesn’t require further intervention. The CRXSL will recognise a sudden drop in temperature when a window or door is left open and turns the heating off to save energy. Once the window or door is closed, the CRXSL will switch the heater on and resume its normal operation. The detection time and temperature settings for this feature are also fully adjustable in the setup menu.

The CRXSL wireless controller works with all RX and SL heaters and can operate different products at the same time, allowing total heating systems to be effectively controlled; for example, in an apartment, plinth heaters and panel heaters could use the same controller. This modern design controller is supplied with a security wall bracket and a table top stand which is perfect for placing it anywhere in a room.

  • Mains or battery-powered
  • Compatible with all RX and SL models
  • Quick and simple pairing to heaters
  • Open window detection
  • Stylish and sleek modern design
  • Large backlit LCD display for easy reading
  • Touch control
  • Supplied with security wall bracket and table top stand
  • Simple to set up and easy to programme
  • 15-minutes Boost feature providing maximum comfort quickly with temperature control
  • 3 different operating modes:
    – Automatic
    – Manual temperature control
    – Fan only mode for RX fan heaters
  • Child lock
  • Option to limit min/max temperature
  • Temperature display of either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit

Energy Saving Features

  • 6 temperature settings per day
  • 7-day heating programmes per week
  • Half heat when approaching target temperature for RX heaters only*
  • Maintains temperature within 0.5°C
  • Set temperature in 0.5 degrees increments
  • Reduced power consumption in standby mode

* Half heat feature does not apply to 0.5kW and 0.8kW heaters.

Dimensions & Specifications


Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm)
89 23 136