Sanitary Incinerators: HE6820 Sanfire 550W

HE6820 Sanfire 550W – Sanitary Incinerators

Sanfire sanitary incinerators are designed to provide a clean, hygienic and safe disposal of sanitary towels and small medical dressings. A Sanfire unit is adequate for up to 40 users and can be connected to a single or common flue system. Opening the charging door will automatically switch the heating element on for a pre-set incineration time. Ash residue is simply removed from the lockable drawer. To aid installation, an optional flue adaptor and a 600mm flue are available.

  • Safe, clean and hygienic
  • Automatic operation
  • Heavy-duty steel case
  • Stainless steel incineration chamber
  • Special sheathed wire element
  • Power-on neon indicator
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for disposal of sanitary towels and small medical dressings
  • Finished in white

Dimensions & Specifications

Capacity Model No
550W 40 users HE6820
Flue adaptor HE6768
600mm flue HE6767

Dimensions (mm):

Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
397 173 203 6.6