Towel Rails: Toweldry Towel Rails

Toweldry Towel Rails including Low Surface Temperature models – 25W, 30W, 40W, 60W or 80W

Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, our heated towel rails deliver the luxury of warm, dry towels – all day, every day – economically and safely. The range offers models to suit individual needs including Low Surface Temperature models suitable for retirement homes, hospitals and schools as well as domestic environments. The 25W and 30W towel rails comply with NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes and have a maximum surface temperature of 43°C when uncovered. TRF25C and TRJ40C are finished in chrome.

  • 25W LST, 30W LST, 40W, 60W or 80W rating
  • Adjustable wall brackets
  • Very economical to run
  • Fitted with 1m supply cable
  • Double Insulated Class II appliance, which eliminates the need for supplementary bonding
  • IP24 rated
  • Finished in white or chrome

Dimensions & Specifications

  Weight White Chrome Model No
25W Low Surface Temperature 1.5   TRF25C
30W Low Surface Temperature 1.5   TRF30
40W 1.5   TRJ40
40W 1.5   TRJ40C
60W 1.9   TRJ60
80W 2.6   TRJ80

Dimensions :

  Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm)
TRF25C 415 86 465
TRF30 425 86 465
TRJ40 415 86 465
TRJ40C 415 86 465
TRJ60 665 86 495
TRJ80 875 86 540