Controllers: Softstart Controls QSC3 & QSC6

Softstart Controls for Quartz Heating

The QSC3 and QSC6 are specifically designed to control the operation of up to 3kW and 6kW of quartz heating respectively. These controls provide a soft start when initially switching the quartz heaters on, thereby removing the surge of electricity normally associated with this type of heater. This will prolong the life span of the quartz lamps.

The softstart controls also incorporate a receiver function which provides users with the option to control the quartz heater with a wireless SL time control.

  • Can control up to 3kW or 6kW of quartz heating load
  • Eliminates power on surge
  • Prolongs quartz lamp life
  • Can operate multiple quartz heaters (up to 3kW with QSC3 or 6kW with QSC6)
  • Weatherproof for outdoor use – IP65 rated
  • Easy to install

Additional benefits when used in conjunction with optional SL controller:
– Saving energy by ensuring that the heaters are only on when you need them to be
– Reduces installation wiring costs by eliminating the need for an extra cable connecting to a remote switch

Choice of wireless controllers for use in conjunction with softstart controls with receiver function enabled:

SLPB wireless controller

SLPB – Run-back timer and thermostat
Allows heaters to operate only when the controller is activated. In Timer mode, the controller acts as a 4-stage run-back timer where heating period will be active until the run-back timer expires.

SLPBWP waterproof run-back timer and thermostat

SLPBWP – Waterproof run-back timer and thermostat
The SLPBWP is IP65 rated making it ideal for outdoors, bathrooms and other wet areas. In Timer mode, the controller acts as a run-back timer where heating period will be active until the run-back timer expires.

SLPIR motion activated run-back timer

SLPIR – Motion activated run-back timer
Full heating period is activated when the controller detects a movement from up to 5 metres. If no movement is detected by a predetermined time the heater is either switched off or the temperature can be held at a lower background level.

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions (mm):

Model No Loading capacity Height Depth Width
QSC3 3kW 82 57 80
QSC6 6kW 90 61 158